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What is the advantage of waxing?

The advantage of wax in relation  to other methods of hair removal is that the hairs are completely removed, roots and all. In contrast with shaving, a treatment is required only once in the three to five weeks. The hairs do come back, but will be softer and thinner than before.

How long does the hair stay away?

After treatment, the result is about three to five weeks, depending on the personal hair growth rate. In most cases, the hair growth is not noticeable  at least in the first to the 2nd week. The first hairs will be felt again in the 3rd or 4th week. Heat stimulates hair growth, that's why hair grows faster in summer than in winter. Regular waxing will ensure a reduced hair growth.

What to do and not do do?

Before treatment

- Prior to treatment it's important that the hairs are at least a half to one cm tall, for an optimum results.

- For the prevention of ingrown hairs after the treatment, you can (gently) exfoliate the skin 2 to 3 days before.

- Do not use a body lotion, body oil or cream shower on the day of treatment.

- If you have your underarm waxed, do not use deodorant on this day.

- Take a good night's sleep the night before the treatment.

- Do not take alcohol or some drugs prior to your treatment.

- And ladies: takes into account the cycle: one week after your period works best.

- If you have a very low pain threshold, take 1 hour prior to the treatment an acetaminophen (not aspirin!).

- Make sure the skin is not sunburned.

- Do you have a skin condition and / or use drugs that make the skin more sensitive or thinner it is advisable to indicate this beforehand. Perhaps then it is decided to wait before having a wax treatment. Even if you've taken antibiotics in the past month, we advise you not to come.

After treatment

- Avoid steam rooms, whirlpools, sun or tanning bed for 24 up to 48 hours. In each case, use a sunblock: just waxed body parts are prone to hyperpigmentation (permanent dark skin) when they come into contact with sunlight.

- Prefer to take a cool shower.

- Use 24- 48 hours after treatment peels or a body scrub.

- To prevent ingrown hairs, we advise not to wear tight synthetic clothing.

- Never shave your hair wax between two appointments. This disrupts the waxing cylcle.

- Regular waxing helps to get used to this treatment the skin and minimizes irritation.


Please your attention for the following:

We can not predict whether someone gets a (allergic) reaction or offer any guarantee in that area, but most people experience nothing more than some redness of the skin. This redness will blow over in no time. Also hairs breaking off during treatment, could cause some hairs to grow faster than others.


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